Specialist fair for

carpenters and woodwork – this is the wood success is made of

From 2017, the domestic carpenter and timber construction meets in Wels. The working with and processing of the living material of wood is the focus of the HANDWERK 2017 specialist fair. The full range offer shows the latest trends and innovations of the industry, from the suction system to fittings, circular format saws through to edge processing, surface finishing and workbenches. In Wels, new materials and technologies will be presented, meaning that carpenters and installation carpenters, carpentry and timber construction companies get new stimulus for their crafts and can make key investments. The HANDWERK 2017 underlines the subject of Wood as the Future with a mix of exhibition and innovation forum and therefore constitutes a key platform for the specialist trade and industry.

Specialist trade fair for

tools and ironware – success unites

Not only craft skills, but also best equipment for tools, machines and ironware are of utmost significance for crafts. Fittings, fastening and joining technology for the wood-processing sector, trade and industry constitute a core subject for the HANDWERK 2017 specialist trade fair. From building site and workshop needs, measuring technology, and health and safety through to boring, grinding and welding technology, a comprehensive range is presented. The specialist fair also displays a high level of expertise in electric tools and manual tools - an area that is equally interesting for specialists from all works. HANDWERK 2017 delivers trends: 3D printing is all the rage - can this technology drive crafts? We will show yo the current options.

Specialist trade fair for

painters and innovative surfaces – success has many colours

From the material to the surface - innovative surfaces are booming and are increasingly becoming an own product category for many sectors. The range offered of the new HANDWERK 2017 specialist trade fair includes coating materials, varnishes, brushes and special tools as well as chemical and technical products, wood protection through to surface finishing and glues. Crafts manufacturers benefit from this exhibition range from the most varied industries, such as carpenters, painters, tile and floor layers and drywall builders as well as plasterers and interior decorators. “Handwerk LIVE“ – experts showcase on site in numerous demonstrations new techniques and innovative materials.

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